We are a new start-up company

We are a new start-up company. Started our journey with 4 ultimate products which is having high demand in market. We have worked out our business plan to perform long life. We have calculated all the costs and expenses, tax payables and reserved certain profit for the company and fixedremaining margin as BV points which will be distributed amongst 15 persons in generation levels. And the consumer will get product at discounted value of DP rate. Nowhere company will not suffer any loss and stand strong in the market. Good news..!! You can register with us for free and order for product online.
You can make online payment or select Cash On Delivery too, your product will be delivered to the address you selected for free.
Your product will be delivered to the address you selected for free. 

Our Vision

We have commenced our journey as a small proprietorship firm with simply explainable plan. We soon convert our company as private limited with this same Business Plan. This will be our final and permanent income plan. We promise that we will not change income plan for lifetime... We believe in the promise and faith, it is most important aspect to grow big, and we will prove it.

We have a long vision to spread our business with Talluk level Franchise and reach village or area level through Shops. Will make all the consumer product available to our customers and every person should get equal opportunity to earn good income from his daily expenses..!! In future a Franchise and Store holder can also sell any Local products, vegetables, and groceries to our customers with his own BV for each product and the consumers will get it for discounted rate and BV points will be distributed amongst 15 generations..! We wish you will also with us in our journey of success.



We have picked a high rated running product from a Manufacturer who follows safety and standards at production and makes no compromise in quality and contents.